About us

Quality you can Taste, Value you can Savor™

We use only the best and freshest ingredients available. The finest Midwestern-milled artisan flour, mountain spring water, vine-ripened California tomatoes, and whole milk Wisconsin mozzarella hand shredded each day for freshness. All our pies are handmade and baked in stone hearth ovens to bring out that authentic “cucina rustica” flavor. All of which delivers quality you can taste, with each and every bite. Our 20” cheese pizza weighs in at 4 lbs and has almost a full pound of 100% Mozzarella cheese. That’s value you can feel. At twice the size of most chain’s 14” large pizza that’s value you can see. And with our 20” cheese pizza priced so low, that’s value you can savor, with each and every pizza.