• Mountain Spring Water in our Dough

    We make our dough fresh daily from simple wholesome ingredients. By adding mountain spring water to dough gives it just the right texture and taste.

  • California Vine Ripened Tomatoes

    Our sauce is made with the very best tomatoes grown in the fertile soil of northern California’s San Joaquin valley north of Sacramento. The tomatoes are steam pealed and packed within 10 hours of being picked. Our tomatoes are grow and packed only once per year giving our sauce a consistent bright sun kissed tomato flavor.

  • Pure Natural Ingredients

    Our tomatoes are simply tomatoes packed with a little salt. There are no preservatives, additives or citric acid.

  • The Finest Midwestern Flour

    We use the finest mid-western flour made with milled barley and wheat, with no bleaching or bromate processing.

  • 100% Real Whole Milk Wisconsin Mozzarella

    We use 100% real whole milk Wisconsin Mozzarella as our standard pizza cheese. We take that cheese and hand shred it every day to ensure freshness, creaminess, and mouthwatering stretchiness.

  • Pies Baked Directly on the Hearth Stone

    We make every pizza by hand using measuring techniques for the dough, sauce, and cheese, to ensure consistency. We bake our pies directly on the hearth stone delivering a delicious well browned artisan crust.