Olivia’s Crouton Chips

House-made croutons that taste so good you can eat em’ like chips.

Pepperoni Knots

Hand-tied Garlic Knots with a Pepperoni in each one, with a side of Marinara.
(Small – 6 Knots) | Medium – 12 Knots | Giant – 18 Knots)

$7.95 | $12.95 | $17.95
Loaf of Bread

With a side of Garlic Slurry.

Meatball Starter

Ground Meat prepared with Bread Crumbs, minced Onion, and Italian Seasoning.

Garlic Cheese Blossom

A round serving of Freshly Baked Dough smothered in Garlic Slurry, Fresh Garlic, Mozzarella Cheese, and a dash of salt. Served with Marinara Sauce.

Garlic Knots

A classic snack, our Garlic Knots are strips of Pizza Dough tied in a knot, baked, and then topped with melted Butter, Garlic, and Parsley.
(Small – 6 Knots) | Medium – 12 Knots | Giant – 18 Knots)

$6.95 | $10.95 | $14.95